Stone Architecture

A stone home can take you back in time, be it castles and palaces and churches. Form thousands of years building stone houses is a tradition that has been made simpler with modern technology. Stone has the longevity than any other building material. Stone structures are very common in buildings and homes which are constructed before the 1900s.

Ever wonder how amazingly stone can work for contemporary.Stone buildings and homes look amazing with a dash of the landscape to add life to a somewhat sterile exterior. Instead of using solid stone, stone veneer is mostly used with the wood combination.

Stone with its many natural properties can be used to design and decorate the interiors as well. This beautiful building material with its unique quality and appearance is a symbol of individuality. Stone is a sustainable building material which is not only used in modern architecture but also for the preservation and renovation of monuments.

Architects and designers select stones because of its wide variety of textural characteristics. Also stone comes in many colors, from red to oranges, and blues to greens. Granites, marble, limestone, clay-slate, and sandstone are among the widely used stones. Their water absorption, frost resisting and heat storing capacities make these favorable options for construction. Marble is preferred in interiors as it’s softer than limestone and granite and hard rocks used in exterior facades of shopping malls and museums etc.

One interesting fact about stone is that it does not reveal its quality by its appearance. Both standard and high-quality stones looks the same.The bigger the color difference and the more irregular shape with the mixture of other minerals forms a unique stone everytime.

Benefits: Using stone in the structure has multi-benefits. It's a sustainable resource that can last let's say for like hundreds of years. Selecting a stone has never been easier in order to make it stand out or blend in. Stone is even used for walkways around the house with the wood exterior. Architects nowadays still use it to add substance to the design.

Stone architecture slip form process:

Stone architecture is romantic, charming and mysterious. It is the most durable building material and because of its beautiful appeal, stone ranks the highest.Slip forming is a famous process for stone building. In this process, forms are used on both sides of a wall as a guide for stonework. These forms are then filled with concretes and stones, afterward, these forms are slipped away from the wall to make it half concrete and half stonework.

Apart from its use in exterior stone can be also used in kitchen worktops and wash counters. It can also be used as a building material for windows and door frames and in fireplaces as well.

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