Clever ways to use concrete

12 ways to use concrete in your home

Concrete is a friendly DIY material and can be a fun addition to your home. But most people don’t know that concrete is actually a sustainable building material. It's durable and classy and creates a modern vibe to any space when done right. Nowadays concrete is the most extensively used building material which requires low maintenance and is relatively cheap. Gone are the days when concrete is just used in basements and remote warehouses. Its rugged and sturdy texture can blend in so well in any home style and design.One of its main characteristics is its durability. It builds long-lasting structures that will not rot and rust or most importantly will not burn.

Designing or renovating up your home doesn’t need to be heavy on your pocket. Therefore, unless you have a concrete idea up your sleeve, using actual concrete can be a tricky task. Let us look at some of the many ways for you to snuck concrete out of the garage and use it beautifully in and around your house.

1. Concrete accessories: Pay a visit to your local craft store and purchase molds to make fun concrete accessories. For accent pieces, concrete is easy to mold into any shape.

2. Concrete fireplace: Bring back the classic touch in any room with a concrete fireplace. The rough slate look can blend well with just about every décor. It can be stamped to look like stone or brick.

3. Outdoor furniture: Yes we are talking about tables, benches, and bars etc. It's time to go straight to a solid concrete bar. It will spruce up any space with a masculine twist.

4. Countertops: Yes, concrete countertops is a reality. It can bring a bit of texture to your kitchen design without costing much.

5. Kitchen backsplash: Concrete can be used to create a simple industrial look to any interior. For kitchen backsplash, this rough and rugged material will enhance other design features like cabinets, and faucets etc.

6. Concrete sinks: Flowing water on a concrete surface is a good sight to behold. Concrete sinks are more in demand and look best with rustic hardware. It holds heat that makes it great for bathtubs and sinks.

7. Concrete fountain basin:Garden fountain and outdoor décor can be achieved in minimum expense and maintenance by the concrete fountain which is an amazing décor addition indoors and outdoors.

8. Table/Desk legs: To add a modern touch to a wobbly wooden table, use concrete as its legs for adding interest to a somewhat lifeless and boring furniture piece.

9. Bed frame: As strange as it sounds, concrete can be used as a bed frame. Leave it bare or paint it according to your taste. Concrete blocks used as bed frame provides many storage options as well.

10. Bookshelves: These days wooden shelves don’t come cheap, but we got you covered. Make your own customize multi storage shelf by stacking a number of concrete slabs one over another and voila you are done.

11. Concrete planters: A fun DIY project to bring nature to your home. Make a concrete plant holder or vase in any shape you want and add up easy to keep plants in it and you are set.

12. Raised bed gardens: An innovative way to build raised vegetable and plant beds is with concrete. Primarily raised beds were built from wood. Not only raised beds provide ample garden space but with concrete, it comes at a reasonable price.

We hope some of these ideas will be helpful to create one-of-a-kind look you want. For more ideas or to discuss anything related to this, contact us here. JoJoWongDesign, a full services Interior designer based in Houston, TX is waiting to hear from you!