Easter Decorating with Cheerful Colors

Well, let's just give spring a big warm hug. We have welcomed the month of March after a cold winter and that means we will be getting the favorite event of the spring very soon. We have endured the long sight of grayish white everywhere outside with no colors of joy as nothing bloomed and still, the natural colors are a bit late, so we might have to put on few of them by ourselves to put a little life in the house and get the sight all warm and cozy. Stay with us till the end and we shall discuss a few creative ideas to get your home all dressed up for the occasion.

Well, who doesn't love furniture with white slipcovers and Alana coffee table? One of the biggest benefits of a simple decor is that, it can be used as a fresh blank canvas for every seasonal change. For this season, I will be going for Easter egg colored palette.

It is not difficult to get all the material for the Easter decoration as everything is available on the nearest Home Goods store. My suggestion would be as soon as you get there, get your cart filled with all the pillows you can lay your eyes on. Mix and match all the textures and patterns with embossed, linen, velvet and silk pillows, you should get them all in the solid colors and place one patterned bolster pillow in the center to give it a classy look.

And one pillow which will stand out from every other will be lime green embossed one with wavy lines which would remind everyone of Easter egg every time they look at it.

The grace of a wall just outside the living room will be increased ten folds by the painting of a flower pot which can easily be obtained from the market or a gallery at a very cheap price. So, the purpose of mentioning this is that if you ever find something so simple and so good, never let the opportunity go, grab it, pay for it and run towards your house to make the treasure safe. Besides being so adorable, these things will give your room versatility, and even if that does not work, the floral arrangement can be brought to life by just a photograph, and mudroom’s attraction will be folded up at least ten folds if you add a glimpse of such eye pleasing and mind relaxing stuff.

Decoration's essence should not be neglected when it comes to the coffee table. One creative idea to style the coffee table can be opting out a large white tray which one can get from PB teen. After that, for the decoration purpose, use floral fillers and to get those head to the relative aisle in the Home Goods. For me, the perfect design came up by using the moss-covered fillers with an array of the cutest Easter bunnies, and believe me you should try the same as well. I bet you will just love it. I also got floral themed candles and spring colored books for the coffee table which made the whole space look alive in the most nostalgic way. Never to forget the hand-painted Easter eggs too.

Those hand-painted eggs usually come in the six-pack form. The wide range of colors and patterns is so tempting that even the most focused person can get confused when it comes to picking one, so they pick all, and that's exactly what I did LOL.

If you have a large glass votive, arrange the Easter eggs and the moss orbs at the bottom and the extra eggs should be placed over the large faux grass arrangement in a pop-up manner to give it a bonus addition.

If you can manage to get, you will particularly love the pair of Moss and porcelain Rabbit with the porcelain one being all black and white with golden ears.

The theme palette should always be bright, and it can be done by using mostly blue and green eggs over grass making a profound statement of the event not being juvenile.

Moving across the coffee table, the next thing to style will be the fire mental. The fire mantel's frame is all linear and sharp looking usually, if you have the same design in your house, hang a mirror on the wall above it with a design in complete contrast to it. For example, you can use a large round framed mirror and the benefit of it will be that it will have a persona of its own and will quickly become the focal point of the whole area.

The palette should never be juvenile so you should stick with the theme of green. Usually, the mantel is the home of white pottery. But try switching it with the pairs of rabbits, one is completely covered in the moss and the other one is black and white, hand-painted eggs, vases with green flowers and small white pots filled with large grass completed the theme look.

The knitted cotton fringed blanket should also be used to layer the turquoise.

On the other hand, I just love the rearrangement of my trestle sofa set in front of my window which I have styled with a new handmade turquoise with white pottery. Robbin eggs in the nests were also placed to convince the audience that the last layer of snow is about to melt away, spring is about to knock on the door, try doing that to enter the world which I guess, will be a place to rest the mind.

The blue color in the rainbow has the ability to leave a happy thought in the minds of people so hang blue velvet curtain up for next few months so you can welcome the coming season in a royal way.

Rest assured, your favorite addition to the home decor will be the watermelon and raspberry colored down filled pillows. Happiness just screams out of them. Bright and screamingly joyful colors of Easter definitely take the room in a good mood. The Rabbits and the eggs will be swapped out and replaced with flowers and plants once the season is over but till then, the whole family should be ready to take in all the colors and joy that Easter has to offer.

Beside just decorating my House, I am also going to organize some exciting games for Easter to make the young ones full of joy and their joy will raise the happiness index in everyone. You should do the same.