It’s All About Wainscoting

Once a wise man said that the trends which we lose in ignorance come back eventually with extra taste and a will to secure their position to an admirable range. Wainscoting is one of those trends which were so popular in the past because of their extraordinary benefits and firm importance, but after the 1950s the trend slowly became less effective in the lives and homes of the new generation. New designers and home decorators have tried their level best to find out any possible alternative of the wainscot but they can’t. So, the trend is back and is more effective this time. What is a wainscot? If someone asks you this, you better know that the questioning one is quite a nerd in the field of home decoration and needs some serious lecture LOL. Now for the clear-cut image and defining the wainscot, it is actually a treatment of wood for the home walls made of hardwood veneer, molded plastic, pressed board and solid pine. A room can actually get different colors but looks the best when it comes to white colored wainscoting. For any guidance about the detailed color range and the best ways to find out the better combination suiting you, feel free to contact us!

Vitals/Why it is Important?

The traditional style of the wainscoting comes at first because of the instant new look of the home walls and roofs. Everybody loves a new look whether it's in the people or it is in home decoration. Not only the new look here is the important point, but the extraordinary color mashup and texture differentiation on every wall and room can give you some positive compliments whenever visited by close relatives or loved ones. This can make your taste gentle, and your family could be termed as sophisticated in this regard of home décor.

Practical importance/Where to use it?

Young children are among the chief devils of the home when it comes to wall scratches and abstract childish art, and it can be covered very effectively by means of wainscoting as it covers up the entire wall and can close the holes, cover up uglier marks of walls and stuff. The imperfections of the wall can also be covered up by installing it. It’s the best remedy for the rooms of children, dens, common rooms and general spaces.

Installation Practices and options/How to use it?

The typical wainscot is used to cover up the entire room’s premises, and that can easily range between 32 to 36 inches high. It could be as higher as 4 feet in some cases depending upon the usage, imposing and as per our needs.

It is very easy to install a wainscot in your home, and the best option for the easy installation is to buy a cover-up sheath as long as 4-feet to 8-feet. It could be easily found at the home improvement stores, and try to get the most in-fashion to have a look of the state of the art design in your home.

Try to make to and fro crust and trough in the wall called as beadboard to eliminate the sign of connectivity among to sheath parts, and it will give a fashionable new look to your home. The blending of the joints is of primary importance.

Pro's Advice

If you ask me, I would like to suggest you that, install the cheaper plywood and pressed fiberboard wainscotings as they are easy to get and solid to paste, and as they are cheaper than any other wainscot, you can change them out whenever you want, annual or diurnally. But on the other hand, if you are doing it just once in your life and want some sophisticated traditional look, then solid pine wainscot is the one you are looking for, as it will give you the best wood finish and the most fashionable looks among all other opponents. Its drawback is just one and that’s its cost. You can make it new annually by polishing and varnishing.

The Actual reason why to install wainscot?

In the past, wainscot was being used on just half of the wall to provide protection from the dampness and minor flooding. The main purpose was the security of the perfect boundary of the wall, and that was executed well for a long time.

The chair bums and some common dings are well covered by the effective colored wainscot and have a cool gracious look too, so it is a win-win situation.

Wainscot is easy to spray down as compared to the calcium plaster and other lame stuff. It is easy to wipe and clean as well, so more people tend to refer the wainscot as compared to expensive paints and other stuff.

For the Looks of it!

If you consider a professional designer’s point of view, they will tell you that, if you talk about the wall that’s 10 inches or more then it is not just a wall it is a glaring point to look, like your reflection of taste in art and graphics, and if you talk about the creative and textured designs, it will give the ultimate clarity to the person visiting you that, you do have a sweet taste in the gentle picking of your wall security and glamour at once. You can use more than two colors at a single wall or a mashup of multi colors could also be pasted.

The Traditional White Wainscot

The ultimate color for the terrific wainscot is white. Oh my God, it’s the color of angels and gives your walls a look that makes you fall in love with these rigid creatures and their romance. It looks fresh and clean too. The aroma (if you put it in wainscot) will be a saucy addition to all feast.

New Material and Designs (breaking norms)

You know what? Sometimes, things are so conventional and you want to break the stereotypes and do something new and daring to cope with the peer pressure. A friend of ours used tiles and slate floors to enhance the beauty and diversity of wainscoting and hadn’t used the wood, as it was used in many of the cases and had a creative and satisfactory result on the collective answer of the stuff.

Introducing New Colors

A designer friend says that “we use several colors and their creamy looks just to check out the sight compatibility, and we often become astonished when we see that people actually can’t imply the change when they can easily be attracted to one" We as a whole are afraid to embrace things, and once we get them done, it’s the best thing ever.

The Formal Touchup

You can do the wainscoting in chocolate paint, and the staining you use can put an extra gracious look in the whole diversification. The stain you are using can give you the best and foremost look to the whole wall and house. Must take this point herein.

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