Modern Rustic Home Design Complete Makeover

If you've ever taken a road trip that meandered through the countryside you've probably noticed that simple house sitting at the end of a dirt road. It looks cozy and has a rustic charm that reminds us of a more straightforward way of living. A warm, cozy fire on a chilly fall evening, or sitting on the farmers' porch enjoying a cold iced tea at the end of a long summer day.

Today, as more of us are beginning to appreciate the warmth of that rustic setting, one design style is rapidly growing in popularity. Known as “Modern Rustic” it provides homeowners with the warm, natural, and inviting style of that rural farmhouse, along with the clean, simple lines of modern design.

One of the characteristics of the Modern Rustic design aesthetic is that is evidenced by both the physical rooms, as well as in individual pieces of furniture within the space. The primary design components of this style are the warmth of natural materials and the texture those material provide.

Exposed wood and stone or brick are often used to add character and the appearance of warmth to the aesthetic. These are textures typically found in old hand-built country homes, as these were the building materials available at the time. Woolen objects like rugs and blankets are used as décor to add warm textures to the space. Modern Rustic also uses smooth textures, for example, counter and chairs surfaces and cabinetry. These are the textures that provide the clean and modern feel.

Shape and architecture play a significant role in the overall design environment. Natural elements like stones and wood are typically rough and asymmetrical in their natural state. A Modern Rustic design combines these natural shapes like tree branches, antlers and river stones with rectangles, spheres, and sharp angles. Think Cathedral ceilings, large prominent stairs, huge natural beams, and beautiful stone fireplaces.

I am extremely proud of this project and we finish right on time before the couple get married. Contact @jojowongdesign for your next gigs. @ Houston, Texas