Open Up to Feng Shui And Embrace Peace and Joy in Home design And Life

The Chinese monks have given humanity so innovative ideas to live a normal life to its fullest. Who doesn’t want to create a beautiful sensation in his/her home to get a smooth living atmosphere? Well, the answer lies in the vast stretches of the theory based on the 5 basic earth elements. The FENG SHUI. It is one of the finest and breathtaking techniques that’s widely used in the entire world for a better living. It was not so far ago when people believed that “yoga” is just a tiring non-beneficial stretching and now the whole world is craving for it. The spatial principle of feng shui is also making a home the best place for spiritual catharsis. Let’s discuss some of the advanced tips for a perfect feng shui in your home:

1. A welcoming front door for energy

There must be a fresh red rose hanging at your main door daily as a welcoming factor for luck, positivity, and love. Keep the main door of your home of short stature and try to let it open always managing the security too. Energy is a basic demand for a peaceful and master shed feng shui. An open door is a gateway for the energy to come right into your home interior without knocking on the door to let herself in, right!

2. Clear the mess and clutters

Whitehurst said that we often want to let our dirt and clutter sink in the deepest closets of our mind and homes as we think they are invisible, but we must know that this mess has the same effect on the energy flow as it should’ve if it is visible. So, clear your home from all the mess and no clutter should be hanging around making a haphazard look. It will suck all the positive energy of our breeze leaving a tense aura in the air.

3. Have a perfect balance for finest feng shui experience

Seek balance in your home by placing the right proportion of the required five elements of this mantra. Let’s name them if you have them in your drawing room, bedroom and lounge. Wood, metal, earth, water, and fire. Place a small lamp or scented candles for fire. A wooden bowel with water or a vase with water content along with a plant. A metallic clock or a bed of iron with a comfortable mattress. A flowerpot alongside your door openings with fresh soil and clean smell of mother earth. A metallic bowel with pebbles and seashells could do miracles if you put them at the middle of the dining table

A color combination for these elements could also be settled if resources run out or you have less space i.e,

Green: Wood

Black: Water

White: Metal

Red: Fire

Brown: Earth

4. Bring nature back to your home

Have you been to a nice coffee house or a lounge of best food and drinks? They have their interior designed and loaded with the natural scenario of paintings and they bring in every kind of natural stuff they possibly can, including flower pots and best of the flowers to give the look of a valley-based park to that particular area, so try bringing natural aura in the interior of the home. Make vast windows and open wind passages for fresh air to pass and blow through your living space. Researches have shown that people who see the greenery and natural sceneries mostly get rid of their anger and range. It satisfies your despair and anxiety. Place pebbles and river stones for the ornamental sake of your wall margins. If you put a veil of soft silk on the interiors, it will do a great help in getting along with our inner sights.

5. How to place the mirrors

Hey, mirror! who’s the most beautiful of all? You may have asked your mirrors this question at least once in your life, right? Now as for your kind information, mirrors reflect energy, so choose their placement wisely and don’t put them on the places you think are unsuitable or reflect ugly reflections of the stuff like trash cans of the kitchen or the ugly unvarnished walls or something like that. Don’t place them in front of your bed as you wake up at night and may get frightened by your own reflection. It’s a great companion while having the most romantic sittings but it will haunt you once you get alone and it’s seeing you right in the face. Choosing the placement of a mirror could be time taking but for the perfect flow and reflection of energy in your space, you must take all the time needed.

6. Stop the chi to run

Some homeowners make their homes in a way that if you enter from the front door, the passage leads you to the exact opposite backdoor which means it is a simple straight-line getting things directly to the exit and it will do the same with the energies too. It is called runaway chi. The energy will enter from the door and you must keep it entangled in the entire home so place furniture in the way of this energy and do your best to mold the air in a sense that it gets poured in every corner of the home. Place rugs and carpet mats on the floor for the sake of energy capturing and don’t let this positivity fade right away. Try to capture the maximum of it.

7. A peaceful dreamy bedroom

The bedroom is a heaven of your own so using the basic teachings of feng shui you must create a sense of attraction in your home stuff and place the fluffy pillows and comfortable mattresses on the bed. For the sake of beautiful blissful dreams, don’t overstuff your bed and place the things you love near you. Your bedroom is your fortress of solitude only if you achieve an ideal feng shui in your bedroom.

In short Feng Shui is for a better lifestyle and in fact, it’s the need of today. It will work wonders if you adopt this theory and we wish you the best of luck for that.

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