Wallpaper Trend Is Back And It Offers More!

The first impression is a building block of the reputation. What do you see first when you enter a house? Surely the walls and the decor of the house. That is more than enough to let you know about the taste and the nature of the person who designed it. People used wallpapers back in the days to decorate their homes but they ran out of fashion when wallpapers were replaced with paint, only to follow the trend with more power than before, and there is a good reason for that as well. Wallpapers are better than paint in a lot of ways as they offer more color, more style and above all more drama to be added to the walls.

Kati Curtis, a designer with her offices in New York and LA said “it’s a risk but, boy, does it pay off?

But what is the reason behind that wallpaper is making a big comeback? Maybe it is a rebellion against paint and other renovation materials as people want their home to feel unique and special and wallpaper can do the job better than all.

Another reason for this trend to hit the market back can be the millennial customers, aesthetic values are the core of human emotions, and as the generation Y grew up seeing the grays-whites neutrals on the walls of their homes maybe now they want to do it again but with their own ideas. Indeed the new wallpapers are dramatically different from the old ones as their prints are incredibly playful bigger and the texture leaves the person speechless, and even if comes to the customized prints, we haven’t even scratched the surface of the idea yet, for this, literally speaking, the sky is the limit.

Wallpapers are not making a comeback only because of these new features. They always had benefits over other options and some of them are as follows

· Durability and Upkeep

The biggest rival of wallpapers is paint as it is the one that made them go out of fashion, but they have proved their worth against it. A wallpaper, if properly hung, can last up to decades if not more. Wallpapers are better than paint in this way and it is generally accepted that they can last 3 times more than paint. Many of the wallpapers are washable, making them invincible in a house with more traffic and clumsy kids.

· Expense

Wallpaper comes in a vast range of prices, some can be costly while others are in the budget range, but even if we pick the wallpaper from the costly side of the price range, it will always end up being a cost-effective option in the long run, as it stays on the walls longer than paint and maintaining it is easier. it would only require glue to paste it back to the wall if gets separated. So no matter what it costs you to get your walls the customary designs of wallpapers, it will always pay off.

· Environmental Friendly

Protection of the environment we live in shall be one of our greatest priorities and starting it from the place we call home and where our loved ones are living will be a wiser thing to do. Wallpapers are more environmental-friendly than paint due to a lot of reasons like, paints contain lead and lead is dangerous in a lot of ways, lead poisoning is usually overlooked and it is one of the most common causes of brain damage and mental retardation in kids. Even low levels of lead can be harmful to a developing baby’s nervous system, and adults are vulnerable to it as well as it can cause cancer, anemia, weakness and kidney stones. So avoiding paint with lead contamination should be the first thing in your mind when you plan about renovating your home.

· Customizability

Everyone has a world of its own in his mind, and while trying to decorate the home he or she may always putting out his or her inner reality on the walls of the house, so they can actually feel at home when they come to their house and experience inner peace. Customizability of paint is restricted in comparison with wallpapers. Wallpapers give you a vast range of customizable options like,

Texture: the texture of wallpapers is available from a simple 2D plain color to a highly decorative and dazzling 3D art like beautiful pearls and glittery effects with beads, raised inks and embossed silk textures, which will surely give you a sigh of comfort by just looking at it.

Colors and design: beautiful colors and intriguing designs can lift up your mood and when it comes to colors and designs, the wallpapers are surely better than paint as paints are monotone and they usually fail to add the warmth and depth to a wall, but wallpaper can surely do that. Paint may fade over time but wallpapers, if hung inside will not change a shade and besides that, paint has limited color range, if you want to make a paint of your own desired color then it will be too much costly, but in case of wallpapers, it does not matter, just pick one from the stock or design your own, the cost will be the same.

The benefit of Customizability of wallpapers does not end here, even if you are living in a rental home, the owner will not mind if you put up wallpaper of your own choice but if you go for painting the house, that looks more permanent and the owners have a reputation of being offensive in such cases.

With all the customizability wallpapers are easy to paint over if you ever get tired of the design and want to have a taste of the look of paint as well.

No Chips, No Cracks, No Mess

The biggest disadvantage of the paint is it's chipping off. Having a paint job done to your whole house is an expensive thing and if somehow your wall was damp, the paint will start chipping off and no matter how beautifully it was painted or the weeks of effort you put into the design, it will look like a mess and besides being completely un-presentable, it will be a health hazard as we have discussed early in the article about what kind of elements are present in the paint.

On the other hand, wallpaper does not crack, no chips fall on the ground and it stays as new till you get your money’s worth.


So after looking at these characters, you can understand the reason of biggest comeback by wallpaper trend, you know wallpapers are better than paint as they are cost-efficient, they come in a variety of styles, textures, and designs, they are easily customized to your taste, easily installed, their durability over paint is unquestionable and they stay like new for a longer time, they are washable so kids can have their fun of throwing stuff at walls and above all, they are environmental-friendly and do not pose a health threat like paint.

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