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Do you have your eye on a particular home but don’t know if it’s a worthwhile investment. How do you know a new home or addition will right for your family? Are there necessary renovations to be made, and if so, will your budget allow for the purchase of a home as well as the home improvement tasks? We can provide pre-purchase consultation to help you avoid making a costly mistake when buying a home.


Our process begins with the very first phone call, where we try to capture the essence of our clients’ needs over the phone with open hearts and minds. It is at this time that we try to make that discernment, in order to advise our clients of the best direction to pursue for a positive home buying and remodeling experience. This is the time to lay out all your ideas, hopes and dreams, and we’ll make it all come together cohesively.

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The next phase involves a private appointment in your home with CEO and founder of JoJo Wong Design & Remodel, JoJo Wong. Based on her years of experience in home design and home improvement in Houston TX, JoJo can intuitively absorb the energy and style that is visible and invisible within the home. She also wants to hear the unspoken desires that you may have but may not even know how to vocalize.


This meeting will give the client a better understanding of whether a new home purchase is wise at this juncture or not, as it relates to the necessary renovations. If so, we can give a recommendation on a design plan that is highly detailed and directive, providing you with a better understanding of how the process of material selection, space layout, and design would proceed. Through CAD drawings, 3-D renderings, color renderings and other tools, we can help you visualize your finished space, along with a menu-style estimate. This estimate will break down all costs so you can better prepare your budget for home design in Houston TX.


Before you take that next step in buying a home or tackling home improvement in Houston TX, contact us for a home pre-purchase consultation today!

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